Most Awesome Tricked Out Trucks

Sep 25, 2015 at 3:41 pm |

These Trucks Will Make Your Mouth Water

Trucks are an extension of the personality, and they’re all man. They’re bold, sexy, powerful, practical and a hulluva lot of fun to drive around. Slap on some XL tires, fresh rims, fog lights, and a new camo wrap, and you’ve got yourself one tricked out truck. Now that gas has gone back down, these babies are back in style (or if you’re from Texas or Alabama, let’s be real, they never went out.)

So let’s plow through some of the most bada$$ tricked out vehicles on the web, and find out what about them makes our engines rev.

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walmart futuristic semi

Source: Imgur/GorillaBiscuits


These trucks would make Mad Max jealous!

These trucks would make Mad Max jealous!