Nasty Close Up of an Ingrown Hair Extraction

Jun 20, 2016 at 4:41 pm |

WARNING! Gross medical images!

We’ve all had to deal with ingrown hairs. On your face or in your pants, they aren’t fun no matter where they are on your body. Usually a result of shaving, they occur when the the hair follicle is closed up, usually due to dead skin cells clogging up the hole. So the hair that’s under the skin can’t grow out and curls around and continues to grow under the skin. This causes pimples or sores and fill with yucky pus. Of course you have to get in there are release the hair with a sharp (and sterile) instrument. While this procedure can be done at home, make sure the area and the implement are sanitized. A good way to prevent ingrowns is to exfoliate regularly (but not immediately after shaving as this can irritate the skin).

featured ingrown hair removal close up

Source: Instagram @MicroscopeAdventures

WARNING! Gross medical images!

Super close up and personal!