New Michael Jackson Lawsuit—Victim Reveals Proof Of Hush Money

Oct 26, 2016 at 1:37 pm |

This Jane Doe is claiming that Jackson paid her over $900,000 dollars to keep quiet!

Michael Jackson may have passed away seven years ago but that hasn’t completely kept his name out of the headlines. The iconic singer’s past legal troubles have resurfaced a few times over the years since his death, but never like this. New allegations of child abuse have surfaced this week as a Jane Doe has come forward and pointed the finger at Jackson for sexually abusing her throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. She’s not the first to accuse MJ of this type of abuse, but she is the first woman—and she’s the first one who seems to have definitive proof.

Michale Jackson on Stage

Credit: FRANCIS Sylvain/AFP/Getty Images

Jackson’s Estate is in trouble once again as new allegations of abuse come to light.

See the proof of what MJ did