Newest Baby DeBoer Due Date Prediction Sounds… Familiar

Jan 5, 2017 at 12:56 pm |

Things always get interesting when Papa Houska chimes in!

The arrival of Baby DeBoer is drawing closer and closer. With Chelsea and Cole keeping tight-lipped on the details, we’re hanging on to their every word! The only thing that we really know at this point is that Chelsea Houska is expecting a boy and the official due date given by her doctors is February 14, 2017. Considering that Houska’s first child came a few weeks early, though, Chelsea and her family are speculating about whether the same will happen for their newest addition.

Chelsea Baby News Screencap TM2 7B

Credit: MTV

We’re ready for the newest ‘Teen Mom’ babies whenever they come!

When do Chels, Cole, and the rest think the baby will arrive?