Pets That Look Like Their Owners

Oct 22, 2015 at 1:56 pm |

Pets & Humans That Are Totally #Twinning

They say we gravitate stylistically towards the people we spend the most time with, but what if those people aren’t people, they’re dogs, and we ended up looking exactly like them.

Think about it — the aesthetics we appreciate most in life apply to so many things we come into contact with: our apartments, the bars we go to, the food we love, the clothing we wear, even the pets we bring into our lives. As a result, our pet selections ends up mirroring our own personal style. You know you’ve definitely seen that bubbly blond on the subway who has an adorable, blonde, yippie shitzu poking out of her purse with a pink bow that matches the owner’s pink pumps.

The following pets have moved to the extreme…

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woman and her dog

Source: Imgur


These pets are totally #twinning. THIS IS NUTS.

These pets look exactly like their humans...