Rich Kids Of Instagram: Spring Break Edition

Mar 24, 2016 at 11:20 am |

Young and 1%

We all wonder how the other half lives. I often wonder this about rich people: Do they use luxury toilet paper? Why do they drive drunk when they can afford a personal driver? Do their toots smell different?

What if you not only had tons of dough, but youth on your side? It’s quite the combination. Of course spoiled rich kids are nothing new, but with the advent of social media, they can brag to us plebeians and show off their opulent lifestyles. Check out what some of the richest kids on Instagram do for spring break. And it’s not Cancun and beer pong.

yacht rich kids spring braek

Source: Instagram @richkidsofinstagram

“They have more money than you and this is what they do.”

Beauty, youth and lots of dough...