Rob Kardashian Being Investigated for WHAT?!

Nov 1, 2016 at 1:35 pm |

Rob has been a bad, bad boy

Don’t come for Chyna, even if she isn’t on the best terms with Rob! When the news broke that Blac Chyna may have been seen canoodling with a male model named Pilot Jones, and that he may be the actual father of her child, both Chyna and her fiancé, Rob, made sure to shut him up quick to their millions of faithful followers. But Pilot got the cops involved and Rob may be in some big trouble for what he’s said he’s going to do if Pilot doesn’t leave his family alone. Could this send Rob behind bars when Chyna’s baby is about to be born?


Source: E!

After a photo surfaced of Blac Chyna kissing a man named Pilot, Rob Kardashian had some serious words with him, and now he’s in trouble with the law.

Rob spewed some hateful comments at the guy, and now he has to answer for it