Sweet Mother RUSSIA! This Model Is Sexy!

Nov 9, 2016 at 1:02 pm |

Anastasia has been found!

Anastasia Skyline is a tall, lean, yet curvy model who hails from the mysterious land of Russia: A place known for pumping out beautiful women that we all love to look at so very much. Anastasia calls herself “Skyline” because, if you lay her down, her hills, valleys, and peaks are akin to that of the buildings that you would see by looking at your city’s skyline from an advantageous point of view. But you don’t need to travel to the 20th floor for that! You can see all of Anastasia right here.

anastasia skyline

Source: Instagram @anastasia_skyline

Anastasia Skyline is blowing up on Instagram right now because of her mile-long legs, tight booty, and gorgeous blonde locks. Feast your eyes on Anastasia!

Anastasia will make you want to move around the world