Ryan Lochte Proposes to Former Playmate?

Oct 10, 2016 at 3:29 pm |

Ryan Lochte scores a super hot playboy fiancé

Recently we have heard plenty of news about Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte. From competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics, to the confusing “over-exaggerated” false robbery report in Rio, Ryan is no stranger to news headlines, but this time, it’s one he can definitely be proud of.

When the world won’t stop talking about you after you lie about being held at gunpoint, what can you do to change the subject? Hmm.. why not propose to a former Playmate? Yeah, that should do the trick. Not bad Ryan, not bad at all.

Ryan recently proposed to former Playmate, Kayla Rae Reid, and you’re going to want to check her out. Trust us.

ryan lochte fiance

Source : Instagram @kaylaraereid

Ryan Lochte gets engaged to a beautiful former playmate. And these pictures prove just how lucky he is.

Ryan Lochte proposes to playmate