Sexy Buns vs Sexy Guns: Porque No Los Dos?

Jan 24, 2017 at 1:37 pm |

These lovely ladies are strapped to the teeth

As fun as girls with guns are fun to look at, you know that if you make her mad, she’d really have the upperhand as far as fire power goes, so you best leave her alone. So we brought them safely to you so that you can gawk and leer at your leisure. Yes, you’re welcome. So whip out your piece and get ready to enjoy these armed beauties from a safe distance. Do not try to do this in person.

woman pointing gun at camera

Source: Instagram @southern_jas

Why not both indeed? We love our ladies to have superior firepower with a hair trigger. This is a special type of woman who can take care of business.

If you like a girl with a gun, you must love to be dominated.