Sexy Ways to Still Get It on When You Can’t Get It Up

Nov 3, 2016 at 5:33 pm |

No pump? No problem!

A man’s biggest fear in the bedroom is that he wouldn’t be able to get it up. As women, it’s easier for us to get it on even if we aren’t the moistest. We have helpful products like lube to assist us when things get a little dry down there. But guys, they don’t have anything to turn to when their member goes south.

Sometimes those things just happen, but if it persists, a visit to the doctor is the way to go to make sure there are no medical issues. Once that’s settled, you should research and learn that there are other ways to go there when you can’t get it up. For one, there are pills. But if you want to go a more natural route, there are other ways to get intimate when your penis isn’t acting right. Let me show you…

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When it comes to the bedroom, there are several options…

When it comes to intimacy, there are several options...