15 Side Shots That Will Catch Your Wandering Eye

Jan 18, 2017 at 1:48 pm |

Are you ready to bust this jelly?

There’s a few reasons that you should appreciate profile shots of women a lot more than you do. It’s not fake; you can’t push-up the sides of the chest like the front. It’s fashionable right now: You’ll often see well-endowed women walking around with their sides fully exposed so that you can see her thin waist all the way up to the plump stuff on the top. And it’s just a bit more socially-acceptable than cleavage so women are more likely to show it off. So check out 15 of the best side cleave there is.

boob car selfie by miss asian barbie

Source: Instagram @azeeenbarbie69.gtr

What’s so great about the side boob? It shows the true size of the knockers; it can’t lie. And we wanted to pay homage to the fantasticness of sideboobs.

I can't wait to grab onto some of that side sweetness.