Soulja Boy Cleared of Charges After…

Dec 21, 2016 at 12:49 pm |

He should thank his lucky stars

News outlets have been busy trying to keep up with Soulja Boy and his antics. The “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” rapper has been getting into a lot of trouble these past few months. He’s been stirring up a lot of beef with fellow rappers Lil Yachty and Quavo of rap group Migos, actor Shia LeBeouf, and ex-girlfriend Nia Riley.

But Soulja took it too far when he dissed Quavo on a track and video he posted online. SB threatened to shoot up the rapper’s block with an AK-47, amongst other things. Karma bit him in the arse when he was arrested and booked, but he wouldn’t be Soulja Boy if he couldn’t weasel himself out of trouble. Now he’s claiming to be getting back to the business at hand.

Soulja Boy sitting on the bed

Source: Instagram @souljaboy

He claims he’s ready to focus “back on the music and new business for 2017.”

He claims he's ready to focus "back on the music and new business for 2017."