This XXX Star Is Not Happy About Fans Getting Tattoos of Her Face

Jan 24, 2017 at 11:14 am |

Mia Khalifa bashes a fan

In case you were thinking of getting a tattoo of Mia Khalifa’s face, we would like to advice you to reconsider. The former adult actress is not flattered by one fans’ tattoo. Maybe it’s just because it is extremely unflattering and legitimately looks like Mia has been run over by a truck and dragged on concrete for a few miles. Maybe she just doesn’t like this guy’s insane decision to permanently ink his body with her face. Either way, she’s not happy. She took to social media to tell this man, and her many followers, that she thinks he is an “idiot.”

Mia Khalifa celeb

Source: Instagram @miakhalifa69

Mia Khalifa slams a fan on social media.

Check out this awful tattoo!