Taking Robotic Love Dolls to a Whole New Level

Oct 24, 2016 at 1:33 pm |

AI = Absolutely Intimate

One of the first uses of a new technology is figuring out to use it to sell sex. Like adult flicks on VHS and then on the internet, the more personal a new tech is, the more useful it is for hungry customer. And for a long time, we’ve all been waiting for human-like robot companions that replicate a real woman (or man) with incredible detail and even artificial intelligence: so we can finally score with “people” who are normally out of our league. We can have all the best parts of a lover without dealing with emotions or responsibilities.

That future just might be here already. A conference in London, The Second International Congress on Love and Sex With Robots, is being held with some amazing new advances that will hopefully help these bots be on the market soon. These horny nerds are geniuses.

Robosexuality is coming soon.

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Source: Twitter @JmnSmith

AI = Absolutely Intimate

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