Another ‘Teen Mom’ Star Comes out Against MTV Edits. Tyler Baltierra Outraged!

Oct 20, 2016 at 3:04 pm |

Cut. Rearrange. Paste. Piss Off.

Viewers of reality television know that with their favorite shows, they have to take what they see with a grain of salt. Editors of shows like Big Brother or Real Housewives like to cut and paste different reactions and dialogue to make things seem more dramatic than they actually might be. MTV’s editors for Teen Mom are notorious for getting an insane amount of complaints from their stars.

While it’s usually the girls that complain about the edits, this time Tyler Baltierra is criticizing the producers for making him look like a “piece of s***.”

Tyler and Catelynn Insta Selfie

Source: Instagram @tylerbaltierramtv

POS Father? or POS Editors?

He's setting the record straight!