Terrifying Deaths From Disney Movies… I Completely Forgot About #7

Oct 23, 2014 at 12:51 pm |

Raise Your Hand If You Were Traumatized By These Disney Deaths

Disney has the power to make every little girl on the planet feel like a princess. Just look at the pop-culture ruckus that Frozen caused – blue sparkly dresses will never be the same, and everyone is still afraid to say the phrase ‘let it go’ lest someone break out into song. The point is, Disney has a major impact on our lives, and when we were kids, and we were oh-so-impressionable, all of the lessons, plots, songs, and romantic moments Disney narratives had to offer became ingrained in our tiny developing minds, which is why Disney nostalgia is so damn popular on the internet. Ok, we’re getting too meta here…

Anyway, what was MOST memorable in Disney’s earlier films were all the deaths we were exposed to. Bambi’s MOTHER? Seriously Walt? I’m still recovering from that one.

But just in case you finally forgot how traumatized you were by all of the dying that occurs in Disney movies, we’re here to remind you of how terrible they were.

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Clayton dies from tarzan

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These SCARRED me as a child.