Thanksgiving Dinner Fails

Nov 19, 2015 at 12:35 pm |

Because what is turkey day without at least one fail??

Ahhhh yes, Thanksgiving — a time of thanks, family, friends and of course, food. Independently, they are all pretty safe but when you put them all under one roof (especially with alcohol), things (good and bad) happen. You always hear about Thanksgiving fails, and we compiled the best ones we could find for your enjoyment. Can’t wait to see what this years Thanksgiving brings. (Some holiday advice: BE EXTRA CAREFUL WITH THOSE DEEP FRYERS ON THE DECK. THEY SOMETIMES CATCH ON FIRE AND BURN YOUR HOUSE DOWN).


Credit: Imgur


The combination of family, friends, holidays, food, and alcohol always is a recipe for (mis)adventures. Because one man’s fail is another man’s laughter.

Check out these hilarious Thanksgiving Fails!!