The Best #ThighsForJeaux Tweets Yet

Sep 1, 2016 at 2:55 pm |

Hot Damn!

If you’ve opened your Twitter app in the past twenty four hours, you might notice the trending hashtag #ThighsForJeaux. Does it sound familiar? Yup. This is the third time the hashtag has gone viral on the app (always on the first of September), but we aren’t mad about it. The trend encourages users to share body-positive images of their thighs in celebration of their bodies no matter what they look like. After scanning a couple hundred tweets, we’ve come to realize that sexy thighs come in all shapes and sizes. Here are our favorites.

thighs combines

Source: Twitter @Val_Setso/@SangaJam

“Thin thighs, fat thighs, girl thighs, boy thighs, wiggly thighs, jiggly thighs, scarred thighs… We love all thighs.” [email protected]

Show us your sexy thighs!!