The Kinkiest Adult Stars in the Biz!

Jun 2, 2017 at 5:39 pm |

You won't believe what these women have done for the camera

When you take in a totally hot adult film, what do you trend towards? Do you like them young, old, tiny, or huge? Or do you prefer what the woman in the film is willing to do? She may not be the best looking chick you’ve ever seen, but perhaps you’re drawn to her because of the extreme, painful, or even vile things that she’ll allow to be done to her. We’re not going to call you out for having a sick mind. In fact, let us indulge you with some of the nastiest ladies in the adult industry.

bonnie rotten mirror pic

Source: Instagram @officialbonnierotten

People watch porn because the people in it get to do things that the viewer will probably never experience, and these women have even gone beyond that.

Hold on to your wits: these women have done some seriously nasty things