The Love Lives of Conjoined Twins

Oct 14, 2016 at 4:50 pm |

When you can't get away from your sibling, how do you get it on?

We’re so fascinated by conjoined twins: There aren’t many of them that live long, and we have technology today that can help to separate some of them. But those who can’t be freed from their sibling have a lot to deal with as they grow up. How do they coordinate simple things like going to the bathroom, eating, sleeping, or even going to a store? The most asked question is about what happens when they want to be intimate. And it all depends on how they are fused together.

conjoined twins x-ray

Credit: Kharisma Tarigan/Stringer/Getty Images

We’re all curious about how conjoined twins get it on with their partners. We have a few answers for you right here!

"Two people never being able to obtain privacy to bathe, excrete, copulate, or eat defies imagination."