The Ridiculous Lifestyles of Russia’s Rich Teens According To Instagram

Mar 3, 2016 at 11:05 am |

Wanna be a baller? Shot Caller? Take notes...

What do you do when you’re a teenager with no responsibility but to spend all of your parents’ money? You flaunt it on the ‘Gram.

Meet some of Russia’s richest teens of the internet. These kids live the fabulous life and have no shame in showing you what you’re missing out on. An anonymous page is dedicated to the luxurious lives of kids of Russian empires. From selfies on yachts, to boarding a G5, these kids give you a taste of their sweet lives.

Rich Russian Kids feat

Source: Instagram @richrussiankids

If you thought you were living the life, these rich, Russian teens will make you think again.

These teens love enjoying the fruits of their parents' labor