These Are Some of the Best and Biggest Tatas We’ve Ever Seen

Jan 17, 2017 at 11:19 am |

I foresee a lot of spinal surgery in their future

You might be all about that bass, but we’re all about the booms! We just can’t get enough of luscious cleavage and what lies beneath that lies so tantalizingly out of reach (thanks alot, Instagram!). But these giving women are ready to give us a show that is on the borderline of getting them in social media jail, so enjoy it while they’re still allowed to show off their sweet, sweet goodies to us!

asian woman in black bra

Source: Instagram @official_hitomitanaka

We’re all about real girls that have really big boobs. I don’t care if the boobs are real themselves as long as we can take them all in whenever we want.

We've got the latest in huge cleavage fashion for your viewing pleasure.