They Asked Him About His Life As A Blind Man, And His Answer Totally Shocked Them!

Feb 16, 2016 at 6:40 pm |

Would You Give Up Your Eyesight For A Day?

Imagine, just one day. For some reason, even in 2016 people seem to be unable to step outside their comfort zone and imagine life in someone else’s shoes. We still go around feeling sorry for people who we assume must live lives full of hardship and adversity just because their legs don’t work like ours do or because their senses aren’t stacked in exactly the same order as ours are.

These assumptions contribute to the form of discrimination known as ableism. The funny thing about feeling sorry for these people is that while we think it comes from a place of altruism, projecting pity onto a person steals away from them the opportunity to own their own narrative, to prove themselves for who they are rather than who others think they’re supposed to be.

One blind man was interviewed on how he thought his life was different because he couldn’t see, and his answers may not be exactly what you’d expect.

Blind Man Talks About The Benefits of being Blind


Next time you feel sorry for someone with a disability, try to take a walk in their shoes.

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