You Gotta Love These Thigh-Gap Girls!

May 1, 2017 at 3:10 pm |

You can see all the good stuff when there's a gap

Having a gap between your thighs can be a big deal for a woman; she wants her thighs to be shapely but slim, so she does all of the thigh exercises there are just to achieve slender legs that don’t touch at the top. The best thing about the thigh gap is that it allows viewers to see more of her, and I’m not exactly talking about the middle of her legs. You’ll know exactly what she’s working with because you don’t have thigh fat blocking your view.

shredsmghunter thong and thigh gap girl

Source: Instagram @shredsmghunter

When you think about a girl’s legs, do you obsess over that little hole between her legs as much as we do? I’m talking about the thigh gap, of course.

And they love accentuating the gap with thong panties