6 Things a Woman Should NEVER Put Inside Her V

Oct 19, 2016 at 2:41 pm |

Please be kind to the V

The lady parts are quite fascinating. Although they’re designed to be penetrated and then push out a small human, that doesn’t make them invincible. So don’t abuse your V, or it can cause a whole lotta pain. There are plenty of items on the market that are especially designed to get up in there to cause pleasure and you can even use smaller non-toy objects; but you should avoid ever putting these types of items up in that va-va. The lady area is also very susceptible to infection which can be caused very easily if she isn’t careful. Be gentle, please!

woman in pain stomach vagina area

Credit: pathdoc/Shutterstock

The lady parts are a place of magic, pleasure, and mystery. But that doesn’t mean you should go around shoving just anything inside of it.

You need to treat that thing with some respect or it will come back at you