Things You Didn’t Know About Jay Leno

Sep 28, 2015 at 6:19 pm |

Is Jay Leno the World’s Most Interesting Man?

It’s been almost two years since Jay Leno, one of the greats of Late Night Television descended his throne and handed over the crown of the The Tonight Show to Jimmy Fallon. And while we love Fallon’s millennial-styled antics and celebrity normalization, we still miss the classic humor and old-school style that Leno brought to the table. This man’s so classy he doesn’t even own a pair of shorts!

Last we heard Leno was enjoying his retirement after “the greatest 22 years of [his] life,”  and taking time to travel the world and invest more time in his standup routines. And while Leno may be happy not to be burdened with prepping a new show every day of his life, we’re feeling a little neglected by him. So to ease the pain of his absence on the airwaves, here a few fun facts about the man himself.

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jay leno and david letterman

Source: Imgur/Reddit/Double-deter_trams


We miss you Jay. This helps to ease the pain.

Think you know Jay? Think again...