The Things Your Dog is Trying to Tell You

Jun 23, 2017 at 11:16 am |

We don't deserve doggos

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend… but are we dog’s best friend?

I know we all love our furry friends, but the unfortunate truth is that most dog owners don’t understand their little buddy quite as well as they understand us. Dogs evolved alongside humans and it was advantageous for them to understand the people taking care of them. They know our faces, our moods, and even our bodies way better than we know theirs (medical dogs, anybody?)… but don’t worry!

Here’s a cheat sheet to make you the best dog owner you can be! These are the things that your dog wants you to understand (and the canine behaviors that will clue you in)!

sleeping bloodhound dog

Credit: Huckleberry14/Shutterstock

Get to know your best friend a little better!

What is your pup trying to tell you?