Totchos: Tater Tot Nachos!

Apr 21, 2016 at 12:01 pm |

Easier than pie

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Credit: Consumed Media

Have you heard of the easy to make snack, totchos? Well they are basically nachos, except with the tortilla chips replaced with delicious tater tots!

This easy recipe only take minutes to assemble and bake. Potatoes are my favorite food so for me, this is even better than regular nachos. Instead of just crunch, you get the deliciousness of warm and creamy tater tots.

Like with traditional nachos, totchos can be made with any toppings you want: Cheese, bacon, sour cream, ranch, scallions, chicken, beef, olives, jalapeños and so much more. Customized totchos is your new go-to recipe for afternoon snacks, parties and even Netflixing. All hail the totcho!

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Learn the delicious secret of totchos!

Learn the delicious secret of totchos!