Troy Ave’s New Music Video Is A Legit P0rno

Jan 4, 2017 at 5:50 pm |

No. But like, literally. Not figuratively.

In maybe the most confounding music video drop of 2016 (or maybe tied with Kanye’s “Famous”), Brooklyn-based rapper Troy Ave released his own scandalous tape just before the New Year… And… I don’t know why any of us were surprised by it, honestly. The video is for his track “S*x Tape,” and no surprise—it’s a literal tape of him doing the deed.

Troy Ave Screencap Sex Tape

Credit: BSB Records via Youtube @TroyAveVEVO

Is it a super strange career move, or a brilliant, Olivia Pope-like plan to hide a much more scandalous sex tape? You decide.

Well, this happened, guys. Get ready, I guess?