Video of How Condoms are Made is Actually Pretty Disturbing

Apr 4, 2016 at 5:25 pm |

Take an inside peek

Condoms are often nicknamed ‘rubbers,’ because, well, most condoms are made from natural latex, a strong and flexible material that comes from rubber trees. They are the best way to have safer sex. They protect you from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

But these days, condoms are more than a safety precaution. People actually like using them to enhance their sexual experiences. Condoms are very different from what they were years ago. They now come in different shapes, sizes and feature different textures like ribs and studs that give off the ultimate pleasure to some.

Trojan is the #1 brand in the U.S. and dominates drug store condom purchases. The company manufactures over 1 million condoms daily. Although most of their condoms are used within one year of the manufacturing date, they are tested to have a five year shelf life.

array of colorful condoms

Credit: Urusaurus/Shutterstock

Let me just say that I, like the next person, love a good, strong condom. But uh, I would’ve loved them more had I not witnessed the actual process that goes into making them. I’m sure when I’m having an intimate moment, my thoughts will be bombarded with scenes of my condom being dyed, dried and almost fried.

Who knew you can wash condoms?!

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how this #1 brand makes the condoms that everyone loves.