Wait…Trump Wants To Build A Wall To Keep These Hotties Out?!

May 5, 2016 at 6:27 pm |

Did Trump Not Get The Memo About Mexican Women?

Apparently, Donald Trump is completely oblivious in regards to the beauty of Mexican women. He’s been adamant about building a wall preventing entry to the United States for Mexicans, because well, he’s racist. Not only is he alienating people from receiving equal opportunities to prosper, but he’s also preventing a lot of hotties from gaining access to step foot in the land of the free. That absolutely kills us because Mexican women are totally hot! Take a look for yourself.

Donald Trump Mexican Girls

Source: Instagram / @fabiolacampomanes / Isaac Brekken / Source: Instagram / @dulcemaria

Mexican women are beyond hot, Donald!

These Hot Mexican Women Will Make Trump Regret Ever Thinking About Making A Wall!