Watch Animals Getting Reunited With Their Humans

Feb 19, 2016 at 12:45 pm |

Totes heartwarming!

Everyday I get excited on my way home from work because I get to see my cat. You see, I’m a novice crazy cat lady and proud of it. I sing songs about my cats on my walk home, buy her costly cat furniture (that she doesn’t use) and overfeed her treats. I’m not alone: Many pet owners give more love to their animals than they do their friends. So there’s nothing is worse than being separated from you pet. Especially if they get lost.

These videos will put a smile on your face from the utter joy by both loyal dogs and other animals and their owners. You’ll want to go cuddle your pups and kitties right now!

dog reunited with owner 02

Source: Instagram @dogsreunited

Get ready to cry happy tears!

Get ready to cry happy tears!