Watch These HUGE Blisters Being Popped

Nov 3, 2016 at 11:40 am |

Warning! Gross medical images!

I used to be a chef and have had my share of serious burns. Not quite third degree ones, but 500 degree ovens, 400 degree oil, and the worst: steam burns. The most severe blisters were always form oil because it just sticks to you and is hard to flick off. So I’ve gotten blisters that are about three inches in diameter and plump up an inch. I even got one of those beauties on my face!

So do get an idea of what I had on my beautiful face, check out this older gent’s foot!

featured image for blistered foot

Source: YouTube @Pus Filled Blisters – Bizarre ER

Warning! Gross medical images!

The pus and plasma fly!