Ways Your Grandma Dresses Better than You

Oct 23, 2015 at 11:13 am |

Grandma’s has some serious style chops.

If you have ever taken a dip in grandma’s closet you will know these ladies have some serious style. Why shouldn’t they? They’ve experienced decades of fashion trends and are able to execute looks du jour on the way to the supermarket.

Grandma’s have been looking fly forever and for some reason “dressing like a grandma” gets a bad rep. We bet your nana has the most timeless fur jackets, diamonds, gold and comfy yet stylish pants you’ve ever seen (don’t even get us started on the shoe and purse collections!).

Vintage lovers know gram has what it takes to look good. After all, styles are recycled and classic fits, shapes and colors are always here to stay. It’s a matter of mixing them to make them modern and new. We are here to prove your grandma dresses better than you. If you don’t believe us, together we will count the ways your grandma is more stylish than you will ever be.

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Blue Hair Mama

Source: Instagram @advancedstyle

Grandma’s are more stylish that you will ever be.

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