Wealthiest Actresses In The World

May 2, 2016 at 11:26 am |

All the honeys who makin' money!

The gender pay gap has been a problem in Hollywood (and everywhere) for decades, but only recently has it gotten the attention it truly deserves. Actresses are speaking out about the inequality they face in the film industry, and in doing so have brought this important issue to light for working women in all fields. While these leading ladies make more money than most of us could earn in twenty lifetimes, it’s still a fraction of what their male counterparts make. When the 20th wealthiest actor (Brad Pitt) is worth an estimated $240 million, and that’s double the net worth of the 20th wealthiest actress, something seriously doesn’t add up…

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Credit: Cristopher Polk/Getty Images

Bet you’ve never even heard of #1…

Check out the ladies making a killing in a field dominated by men...