What Happened To These Stars Of The 1970s?

Apr 18, 2016 at 11:28 am |

It was a much simpler time...

Ahhh the 1970s: a time of disco, fiber optic lights, polaroid instant cameras, Pong, 8-track tapes, and a whole lot more. The TV and movies weren’t that bad either. But what happened to all of those celebrities? Well some moved on to greatness; for others, well…moved into their parent’s houses. Check out these stars and celebrities of the 70s and what they are up to in 2016!

Credit: Imgur/phoenixxrising/sogloriousithurts

Credit: Imgur/phoenixxrising/sogloriousithurts

#14 ended up doing what?!

Check out these stars from the 1970s