What Happened When Officials Burn Tons Of Cannabis?

Mar 2, 2016 at 11:11 am |

What were they thinking?!

Here in America, there are only four states that marijuana is legalized for recreational use: Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Colorado. While millions rejoiced and reveled in this new allowances, not all places are as progressive as the West. Take Indonesia for example. They have some pretty strict laws when it comes to vices like drugs, sex and gambling. Indonesia is very strict on enforcing it’s drug laws: Penalties for drug offenses are very severe and can include the death penalty. Possession of even small amounts of recreational drugs include heavy fines and imprisonment. But what does the government do with all those drugs? They burn them with hilarious results.

close up of indonesian police with weed

Credit: Adek Berry/Getty Images

These guys are smart!

Lemme get in on that...