What’s It Like Dating A Prostitute

Mar 30, 2016 at 5:56 pm |

The story of a real, "special" experience

Have you ever dated a prostitute? Not many can say that they did. Some probably wouldn’t think twice about it. It isn’t for everyone and you’d have to be pretty self-assured to do so.

This guy, who’ll remain anonymous, did date a prostitute and he actually liked it. The only thing is, he didn’t find out until 6 months into the relationship. You see, she was in a large amount of debt that quickly went away, which led him to wonder how she got the money. So, he did would every person in this generation would do — he googled her. He found out that she was a high-end worker, bringing in $1000 a day.

Prostitute taking money from pocket

Credit: Dmitri Ma/Shutterstock

She was very honest about her occupation. And after the drama and STD tests came back clean, he decided to stay with her, but not before she quit. They moved in together and stayed committed. Unfortunately, after leaving the country for a new job, the couple split.

Surprisingly, he claims that the relationship wasn’t that much different from dating a ‘regular’ person.

It’s different from a regular relationship. Here’s why…

He made it clear that there are different issues you deal with in this type of special relationship that you can't get in a regular one. Here's what...