When He Reaches in the Mud, You Won’t Believe What He Pulls Out

Mar 1, 2016 at 1:25 pm |

He pulls it out with his BAREhands

Nick and Caleb Taradarra are two young brothers from Australia who spend their days hunting and catching animals to eat. Not only do they hunt and eat their catch of the day, but they also cook them while giving great recipes and lessons on wildlife.

They adventurously brave the wild, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts or trunks. There are no shoes, no shirts, nothing worn that covers and protects them from getting attacked. In their most recent video, the brothers troll the mangroves to catch their lunch…

When He Reaches in the Mud, You Won't Believe What He Pulls Out 01

Source: YouTube

They didn’t expect this to be their catch of the day

One of the bros puts his hand in the mud and pulls out something major.