Where Is Logan Reese From ‘Zoey 101’ Now?

Oct 27, 2016 at 5:54 pm |

Flashback to 2005!

You can’t deny it. If you grew up in the golden ages of the mid 2000s, Zoey 101 was one of THE best shows on Nickelodeon (along with Fairly Odd Parents and Ned’s Declassified). Girls and boys alike couldn’t wait to see the new episodes that aired each week. Then Jamie Lynn Spears just had to go and get pregnant and ruin the show for all of us.

Ah well. One of our favorite characters was the absolutely cute but stuck up Logan Reese played by Matthew Underwood. We were curious to see what he’s been up to recently!

matthew underwood

Source: Instagram @mattunderwood

The pompous jerk that we all had a crush on!

Where is Logan Reese now?