Why Jana Duggar Turns Downs Courtships

Dec 30, 2016 at 2:03 pm |

She's a true romantic!

With the prominence of some of the younger Duggar sisters, it’s easy to forget about Jana. The eldest female Duggar has kept a lower profile than many of her siblings over the past few years, but fans of the show will recall one unique thing about her—she’s still not married. In a family that clearly places a high level of importance on their daughters getting married young, Jana’s decision to stay single into her mid-twenties has raised some eyebrows. However, Jana’s explanation of her marital status is simple.

Oldest Duggar Daughters

Source: Twitter @DuggarFam

She’s just your average 26-year-old reality star and she’s waiting for her prince charming!

Jana is officially the most relatable Duggar