Woman and Her Surrogate Sister Give Birth to Twins On the Same Day

Nov 23, 2015 at 11:57 am |

This Miracle Comes In a Four-Pack

Pregnant woman and her husband

Source: YouTube @TheColumbusDispatch

Annie Johnston and her husband Joby Johnston desperately wanted to build a family together. After marrying in 2005 and spending their first three years of their marriage together, they decided it was the right time to have children, but the couple quickly realized the path to parenthood would be far more complicated than they initially thought.

“When we were ready, we thought it would just happen,” says Annie. But like many couples who struggle with infertility issues, after undergoing tests, procedures, surgeries and different treatments over the course of five years, Annie and Joby began to feel helpless about their situation. They were close to giving on their dream of bringing children into the world together.

Then, Annie’s sister, Chrissy, did something that would change the lives of both sisters forever — and the result is about as close to a miracle as it gets…

For five years Annie couldn’t even get pregnant. Then she ended up with a miracle on her hands…

Find Out How Annie Reached Her Dreams Of Becoming a Mother