Snip Snip: Famous Public Figures Who Are and Aren’t Circumcised

Jun 15, 2017 at 4:06 pm |

Famous men who have gotten their man parts nipped or left them untouched

Do you ever wonder why some men are nipped and others are not? Circumcision, which initially started as a ritualistic practice for ancient cultures and religions, has had a long and mysterious story. And while some guys still believe they’re better off having been forced under the knife, there are others who have skipped the traditional procedure and are completely fine with having their foreskin. Check out this list of fellas who either still have their weenie-beanies or who’ve been chopped!

bananas as a symbol for circumcision

Credit: Maddas/Shutterstock

See who’s got a peeled banana!

See which of these guys have a peeled banana