WTF? You Have To See What This Creature Did To Her Booty

Nov 13, 2014 at 2:00 pm |

When this woman found a rash on her butt, she NEVER expected it to get this bad…

woman gets brown recluse spider bite on her butt


Nobody likes spiders, but in America the worst that most of us have to worry about are daddy long legs and other harmless house creepers. Some people are totally down with spiders – they do, after all, eat mosquitos and other annoying insects. But once you see what happened to this woman after a teeny tiny little spider bit her without her even knowing it, you’ll never want to see another spider again! Warning: these images are a little graphic.

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GROSS! This is right out of my worst nightmare…

Click below to see the (warning!) GROSS images of what happened to this poor woman!