Yes, Female Blue Balls Actually Does Exist

Jan 6, 2016 at 1:21 pm |

The struggle is real

Ladies, let’s be real: We’ve all had our fair chances of giving guys blue balls. Maybe it was to dodge going downtown to finish him off, or maybe because you just weren’t in the mood. When he complains about having blue balls, he’s actually telling the truth, not trying to guilt you into giving in.

Let me school you: when a man becomes sexually aroused, blood flows to his member, which gives him a hard-on. If he’s unable to release all that blood (orgasm), the blood that merged there remains inactive, which puts painful pressure on his testicles, resulting in blue balls. And boy does it hurt!

Now, girls, we’re not off the hook. The very thing can happen to us — in a slightly different way.

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Blue clit is the blue balls for women. Read what happens when you get it…

Educate yourselves on 'Blue Clit'