You Know, Just Dan Bilzerian & Hot Girls Shooting Guns for Halloween

Nov 1, 2016 at 5:33 pm |

Dan had some gun fun in the desert

Dan Bilzerian is a jack of many trades: he plays poker, he likes to race cars, and he absolutely loves big things. You can often see him surrounded by boats, big guns, and big boobs, just to name a few things. So he decided to combine all of his favorite things this Halloween night when he took some of his favorite women dressed in hardly anything out in the desert so that they could all spend a night just shooting at pumpkins… because America.

dan bilzerian

Source: Instagram @danbilzerian

Playboy millionaire Dan Bilzerian spent his Halloween night in the desert with some sexy ladies just shooting at pumpkins.

Would you like to spend your next Halloween with Dan?