You Will Not Believe What Food This School Is Serving Kids!

Mar 9, 2016 at 4:54 pm |

This is absolutely horrifying!

Do you, your family, or perhaps your children depend on school breakfasts and lunches for daily food intake, stamina, and crucial nutrition?

When we pay for school food, or when schools are legally required to help the less fortunate among us by providing important meals each day, we put our faith and trust in these educational institutions to provide our country’s youth with nutritious options that teach students to follow proper diets and lead healthy lifestyles.

But what happens when schools fail to fulfill their end of the bargain?

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Source: Facebook @Quinesha Dayzha’Nique-Renee Pointer

The nauseating photo that these students from an Indiana high school shared will make you want to start packing your own lunch…

You’ll want to start packing your own lunch after this!

Wait Till You See This... YUCK!