Georgia Barber Punishes Bad Kids with ‘Old Man’ Haircut

Feb 5, 2015 at 5:35 pm |

Normally, if someone told you they were going to give you Brad Pitt’s haircut, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. But when you get a Brad Pitt at A-1 Kutz in Snellville, GA, we’re talking Benjamin Button.

That’s right, owner Russell “Rusty” Fredrick is making some hilarious headlines after gaining recognition for offering free “old man” haircuts to misbehaving children. This all started when his son wasn’t doing well in school. After giving the boy an embarrassing haircut, Fredrick reports that his son’s grades dramatically improved.

Fredrick calls the hairdo “the Benjamin Button,” and it consists of giving children a bald spot and shortly-buzzed hair around the sides of their heads, much like an older man might have.

Although only three children have received the haircut so far, Fredrick’s post of one result immediately went viral.

Would you subject your children to this creative discipline?

Ever wondered what a little kid would look like with old man hair? Learn about this new form of ‘creative discipline’ for kids!