Golden Globes Live: Bill Cosby, North Korea Not Off Limits

Jan 11, 2015 at 9:14 pm |

The 72nd Golden Globes are underway, and this year’s controversies are at the forefront of the night’s jokes.

Hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler started off the awards ceremony with a bombardment of hilarious jokes, but staying true to their warnings of what would and wouldn’t be off-limits for their banter, they quickly moved into Bill Cosby humor.

The famous comediennes bashed the 77-year-old actor, who has been accused by over 30 women of various degrees of sexual assault, with most of the survivors speaking out against him just this past fall. Fey and Poehler both took turns imitating Cosby’s well-known voice, joking about putting pills in drinks and people.

Humor has also revolved largely around the North Korea-The Interview scandal from the end of 2014. Theo Kingma, the President of the Hollywood Foreign Press, which determines the winners of the Golden Globes, spoke out against those who would attempt to limit free speech and expression.

There was even a skit involving Margaret Cho pretending to be a representative from North Korea, who posed austerely with a chagrined Meryl Streep as both of them held up a fake magazine featuring Kim Jong-un on the cover.

While the audience seemed fairly shocked by Fey and Poehler’s initial Cosby comments, the room of stars responded well to comments promoting the freedom of expression and the importance of the arts.

Leave it the crème de la crème of Hollywood to tackle this season’s most controversial topics with humor.

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